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A digital shower brings showering into the 21st century. With a digital shower you can control the flow and temperature of water at a touch of a button. No more waiting for showers to warm up. Some models of digital shower offer pause features, remote control and pre-setable settings.

Digital showers work by taking water direct from both the hot and cold pipes and mixing it in a digitally controlled processing unit to achieve the desired temperature. This water is then delivered to the shower outlet, be that body jet, hand shower, fixed head or spray head at a constant flow rate as selected by the user.

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A thermostatic shower takes its water feed from both the hot and cold supplies. The water is then blended in the valve to deliver the required temperature and flow. The valve will automatically adjust itself to maintain this temperature and flow in the event of other household taps or toilets being used.

A thermostatic shower requires a supply of hot water and can be used on virtually all plumbing systems, including combi, high pressure or gravity. Thermostatic showers can be exposed (valve is mounted on the wall) or concealed (valve hidden in the wall).

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An electric shower takes a cold water supply only and heats it up internally to the required temperature, thus providing a constant flow of water that is heated as required. Both flow rate and temperature can be easily controlled. Electric showers are available in a range of power options (kW). Electric Showers are suitable for any plumbing system.

Power Showers are electric showers with a built in pump to boost the water flow. They should not be used on high pressure systems such as those with a combination boiler or other pump already built in.

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Similar to a digital shower a digital bath filler pre-mixes the hot and cold water allowing for the digital control of temperature and flow rate for the filling of a bath.

A digital bath processor does away with the need for conventional/mixer taps and the ‘mixed’ water is delivered to the bath via either water spouts or clever ‘overflow’ fillers which totally eliminates any bath mounted or wall mounted filling apparatus.

Some models can be combined with a digital shower allowing for switching between bath and shower or hand shower at the touch of a button.

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