Aqualisa Quartz

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower is the shower that started it all – and today it is one of Aqualisa’s most popular showers. Simple and easy to use, Quartz Digital shower, with its reassuring LED display and option of remote control has revolutionised showering.

Straightforward to install, Quartz Digital is compatible with most of home plumbing systems. Exposed Quartz Digital showers are an especially good choice for bathroom facelifts or for when you need to install a new shower quickly and with minimum disruption.

Clever Quartz also lets you take the guesswork out of bath time. Look forward to safer bathing temperatures that have been thermostatically blended and relax in the knowledge that you can run your bath at the touch of a button.

Quartz Digital showers come complete with a Harmony shower head, which features multiple spray patterns, including an eco-spray.

The Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower and Bath Filler variant come either with a built in pump for un-boosted LOW PRESSURE gravity fed water systems or an un-pumped processor for combi, boosted gravity, and other HIGH PRESSURE water systems.

The PUMPED processor variant must NOT be used on existing HIGH PRESSURE water systems.

If you are in any doubt as to they correct version PUMPED (for LOW PRESSURE systems) or UN-PUMPED (for HIGH PRESSURE) systems for your installation please consult your plumber or call our digital shower experts on 0151 608 8011 for help and advice.