Aqualisa Q Smart Shower

Introducing the new Aqualisa Q™ smart digital shower.

Based on Aqualisa’s precision smart technology ensuring superb performance and packed full of features, this is our smartest and most personal shower yet.

Crafted with high quality materials, Q™ was designed with individuality and style in mind. Whether you prefer to make a style statement, unwind after a workout or do your bit for the environment, Q™ is designed to fit around you.

At the heart of Q™ lies My Q™, which gives you the ability to choose from a range of pre-set experiences that we have created for you such as ‘Eco’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Family’ as well as the option to create and save your own showering experiences with your unique combinations of temperature, outlet, flow and duration, so that you can repeat that perfect shower every time, even the last one you had.

Available in two marques, the Q™ which is a complete system, and Q™ Edition which is based on designing your own shower system from the available components such as processor, shower heads and hand showers etc.

Each Q™ and Q™ Edition smart shower features a proximity sensor that wakes the controller as you approach the shower, the shower flow rate is automatically reduced when you step away to save water.

The controls come with pre-set ‘recipes’, you can set as many extra shower ‘recipes as you want. A ‘clean mode’ pauses the control to give you time to clean it without activating the shower and getting soaked!

Featuring a 2.6″ scratch resistant glass screen the Q™ and Q™ Edition smart showers provide a full colour menu for easy navigation.

The Q™ Edition comes with a remote control (optional with Q™), easy to charge via USB, there are no batteries to change. The wall mounted holder secures the remote control with magnets.

The Q™ and Q™ Edition come with chrome trims as standard, these trims can be personalised with 5 additional colours, available as an optional extra.

The easy fit processor comes with a 5 years’ manufacturers guarantee.