Aqualisa Sassi Electric Shower

Make your colour statement with Aqualisa Sassi Electric. Featuring a luxury glass fascia and interchangeable tiles. Choose the perfect colour to suit you and your home.

Aqualisa Sassi not only looks amazing but will deliver you a great showering experience every time. The sophisticated sensory touch start/stop control activates your shower in a split second and you can easily select your perfect temperature with the brushed stainless steel control.

Make a bold statement with ‘Sassi Pink’ or go subtle with ‘Sassi Stone’, there’s a colour to suit all styles and tastes. The hand cut glass mosaic tiles are so easy to change. Simply remove the chrome panel and swap them over for an instant makeover.

Choose between five interchangeable colour mosaics offered by Aqualisa’s Sassi Electric shower to define your bathroom. With the ability to redesign your shower simply by swapping the tiles, Sassi allows you to continually maintain a contemporary aesthetic. The colour options of stone, black, white, blue or pink all make bold additions to bathroom décor suiting a range of individual styles.

Ideal for family and guest bathrooms, Sassi sets the standard in electric showering. White tile inserts are supplied as standard.

Aqualisa Sassi Electric Shower

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